How to remove the “Running on NTSC” warning on Sony cameras

When selecting the NTSC setting instead of PAL every time you turn on the camera a popup saying “Running on NTSC” appears.

Here we are going to exemplify how to remove that pop-up:

  1. Enter the menu and set the USB Connection setting to MTP
  2. Connect a USB cable to a laptop
  3. Download the latest release from the GitHub Repository
  4. Install the app and launch it
  5. Go to the install tab from the application and select from the list the OpenMemories: Tweak
  6. Click install the app
  7. After the installation is successful remove the USB cable
  8. Start the camera and enter the menu in the application tab and go to the “Application List” item
  9. From there select “Open Memories: Tweak” application
  10. Go to the “Protection” tab and make sure the “Unlock protected settings” option is Selected
  11. Then go to the Region Tab and deselect the “Enable PAL/NTSC selector & warning”
  12. Press the menu button to exit
  13. Turn off and then turn on the camera
  14. After the camera opens the warning should no longer pop-up




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